What is Logistics?

A: “Logistics” as a term in Alliance LARP can refer to either a team or a process.
As a team, it refers to the personnel who manage all of the logistical resources Alliance LARP utilizes specific to running the game including character / player management, Goblin Stamp management, checking people into game, giving credit for a game, recording Deaths, etc. Generally speaking, if you have a question with regards to your character, your player information, your spell memorization, your Goblin Stamps / Points, your Magic Item data (questions not relating to Plot), donations, new players, and other information related to you playing in Alliance LARP the Logistics personnel is a great place to start.

As a process, it refers to checking in with the Logistics team on-site to ensure your character is ready to be played in-game. This is generally done first before game is called “On” and at least once per day afterward at around 6pm-ish. When checking in the first night of an event you receive your character card and any other pertinent tags / information related to your character. Subsequent check-ins over the weekend refresh your per-day skills and grant you whatever bonuses you normally get per-day, such as 1 silver per day per Craftsman or Production based off your Alchemy, Blacksmith, Create Potion, Create Scroll, or Create Trap skills. Back to Top

Who is Logistics?

A: Currently, the Logistics personnel consist of Emily Shettel, Denise Brown and Evan Rawson.
You can contact Alliance LARP Seattle Logistics at logistics@alliance-seattle.com. Back to Top

What is the expected response time?

A: About three (3) days. Sometimes Logistics is faster, sometimes it is slower. The goal is to have a response time of one (1) day, but sometimes that isn’t realistic as the Logistics personnel are volunteers and have a life outside this organization, including full-time work, family, and other obligations that may not have convenient access to the internet. Back to Top

I haven't heard back from Logistics. What should I do?

A: If you expected a response and haven’t received one in a week send a PM to username Denise on the forums. If you still do not receive a response feel free to contact the GM Team at manager@alliance-seattle.com. Back to Top

Should I send my backstory to Logistics for approval?

A: No. Please send your backstory to plot@alliance-seattle.com and they will notify Logistics when the backstory has been approved.

How does Experience work?

A: Experience in Alliance LARP is tricky. Basically, for each “day” you adventure you get what is called an “XP Blanket”. This blanket awards an amount of experience equal to the Total Build your character has. Our database then automatically converts the acquired experience using the same conversion values shown in the book to Build Points. So, when you ask for a copy of your character transfer the listed experience for your character has already been converted to Build Points; no need to ask for it to be converted. Back to Top

What is the Monthly Blanket list?

A: The Monthly Blanket List is a list within our database that helps Logistics to apply Monthly Blankets on a monthly basis. A Monthly Blanket costs 30 Goblin Points and may be purchased once per month per player. Starting on January 1st, 2015, you must have an active Membership in the Seattle chapter to purchase a monthly blanket. You may purchase a calendar year annual membership by sending $15 to paypal@alliance-seattle.com with a message letting us know that the payment is your membership due. Please also include your name in the payment. Back to Top

Do I need to pre-register for an Event?

A: No, not necessarily. But, if you are PCing, pre-registration helps Logistics prepare a character package that includes your character card, battle board, Craftsman money, magic item battle board, production you may have used, and any sort of Goblin Stamp purchases you may have so all you have to do when checking in is pay the fee and receive your package. Otherwise, you have to stand there waiting for everyone else to be processed at logistics before everything to get entered in the database, pull all the tags, print all the stuff, get things signed, and a bunch more boring stuff that takes a significant amount of time. Additionally, pre-registration gets you a event cost discount and puts you in the fast check-in line!

Pre-registering also lets Plot know ahead of time who might be at an event which helps create the Treasure Policy before the event instead of working on it during the event (which takes a Plot member out of the loop until it gets done).

Pre-registering as an NPC helps Plot know what resources are going to be available to run modules and other plot hooks and it also helps us know how much food to buy since we offer food for our NPCs. Pre-registering as an NPC will also save you money!

So, please help us help you! Pre-register for an event and you will be reducing Logistics head-aches, logistics wait times, and Plot hair-pulling.

How do I pre-register for an Event as a PC?

A: Please fill out our new handy, dandy form!


All information native to your card, such as Craftsman coin, wand charges, and per-day skills are automatically included so you don’t need to list them in your pre-registration.

As a note, we have switched to a method of pre-registration that requires you to pre-reg for all logistics periods in advance (Friday night and Saturday night logistics for a regular event). This is in an effort to minimize the time players spend dealing with logistics during an event. If you have any questions about that, please check the forum post on the issue here.

I want to attend an Event at another chapter. What do I need to do?

A: First, you need to have your character card transferred temporarily to the chapter you are planning to attend. At least one week before the event you wish to attend, send an e-mail to logistics@alliance-seattle.com stating which character you intend to play and which chapter you intend to play at, Logistics will then send a copy of your card to the chapter you are visiting.


After you have requested to have your card sent down you then need to follow the pre-registration rules / guidelines for that chapter. Check that chapter’s forum for instructions on how to pre-register in their chapter.

If you do not have your character card transferred you may not have the most up-to-date version of your character to play or you may not be able to play your character at all!

How do I pre-register for an Event as an NPC?

A: Please fill out our new handy, dandy form!                                                                                                                                                             Back to Top

At an Event, when does Logistics take place?

A: Check-in Logistics start generally around 6pm Friday night and goes until Opening (around 9pm or 10pm).

Mid-Event Logistics happens between 5pm – 7pm on subsequent days unless otherwise stated in the Opening Ceremony. If you do not have per-day skills such as production simply switch to the card labeled for the next day. Back to Top

How do I check in at an Event?

A: As a PC follow these easy steps:

  1. Gather your weapons, spell book, recipe book, magic item tags, coin, tags you are selling back and money and head to Logistics.
  2. Get your weapons safety checked by a Rules Marshal.
  3. If you are a new player, return when you are fully in costume for Armor Point evaluation and receive your armor tag.
  4. Show your spell book / recipe book / magic item tags to Logistics for verification.
  5. Pay coin to Logistics for any Production skill you use (such as Alchemy or Create Potion). At the same time you can sell back production items if you have the Merchant skill.
  6. Pay money to Logistics for your attendance. If you pre-payed skip this step. Note: We only accept cash or check onsite as there is no internet.
  7. Define your spell memorization. If you do not have spells or if you pre-registered skip this step.
  8. Define your High Magic. If you do not have High Magic or if you pre-registered skip this step.
  9. Receive your character packet.

If you are checking in as an NPC follow these easy steps:

  1. Find Logistics.
  2. Tell Logistics who you are and what character you want your experience to go to.
  3. Pay money to Logistics for your attendance.
  4. Report to Monster Camp. Back to Top

Where do I check in if I arrive late?

A: If you arrive after Logistics has closed find Monster Camp and ask for Denise. Someone will assist you in finding her. If you know you are going to be late alerting logistics before hand is preferred so they know to be available for you. Back to Top

Do I need to check out if I leave early? Or leave and come back?

A: No. But, if you are only staying one day, please let logistics know as it effects several parts of the game. Back to Top

What is the process for mid-Event Logistics?

A: As a PC follow these simple steps:
1. If you do not have per-day skills please switch to the next character card given to you at check-in.
2. If you are merchanting pick up a worksheet, list the following information:

  • Player Name.
  • Character Name.
  • Fill in the sheet with the number of each tag you have.

3. Give the sheet to logistics and we will quickly calculate your coin amount.

4. If you have spell changes write in your spell changes. Present your changes with your spell book to a rules marshal so they can sign your card.

NPCs do not need to go through mid-Event Logistics. Back to Top

How do Battle Boards work? How should I mark my Battle Board?

A: A “Battle Board” is a piece of paper that has all of your “per day” effects and abilities that you can use including combat abilities (such as Parry), memorized spells (such as Purify or Prison), High Magic (such as Rebirth or Magic Purify), Wand charges, and “per day” magic items (such as MI Purify or Spellstrike Prison or Cloak Alteration). The Battle Board does not include constant combat skills (like Weapon Master or Weapon Proficiency), “times ever” magic items (such as Dodge 1/ever or Ward 1/ever), or your Teacher Card.
When you use an ability noted on your Battle Board you need to mark it in some way to show that it has been used. The best way would be to mark the circle. Back to Top

How do my "Per Day" skills and items get refreshed at an Event?

A: We use separate sheets per logistics period. When logistics is confirmed to be open switch to the next card.
If you need to change your memorized spells or spend High Magic points then you can write those in and present the written Battle Board to Logistics for their approval (i.e. a signature or initials). This is the fastest way to change your character.

If your character’s memorization is significantly different you may need a new Battle Board printed for you. This is the most time-consuming way of refreshing your skills, but it will provide you with a fresh and unmarked Battle Board. Back to Top

How do I get new Skills for my character?

A: In order to get a new skill added to your character you need to find someone in-game to teach you. The Teacher will then have the responsibility to go to the Logistics Desk and fill in the appropriate information on the Teacher List. This Teacher List is collected and processed at the end of the event. If it isn’t on the list then you haven’t been taught the skill.
Alternatively, you can spend 60 Goblin Stamps to “purchase” a Teacher Card. Just send your request to logistics@alliance-seattle.com

The only exception is you do not need a Teacher Card for the “Craftsman: _____” skill. But, the Craftsman skill must be something that can actually make you money. Example: Craftsman: Baker is acceptable, but Craftsman: Awesome or Craftsman: Chosen of Fey are not acceptable.

When Logistics processes the Teacher List your new skill will be placed on your character card with a “0” which means you have not spent any Build Points to “purchase” the Skill. You cannot use the skill or teach it until you have a “1” or higher in the skill. Back to Top

Can I spend Goblin points during an event?

A: Yes, at the designated Logistics time! All expenditures must conform to the policies found in the Definitive Post on Goblin Points for Alliance LARP Seattle thread. Due to time constraints, though, only Production, Coin, and Spell / Recipe Books may be purchased mid-event.             Back to Top

Can I spend Build points during an event?

A: No. Build must be spent before your character comes into play. Logistics asks you please pre-register your build spends before logistics. This keeps the line shorter and prevents us from needing to print a new character card. You may not spend free build if your character’s home chapter is not Seattle. Back to Top

i died and need to resurrect. what do i do?

A: Follow these easy steps:
1) Put on a white headband and go tell Plot you died and need to resurrect. Inform them which Earth Circle your spirit intends to go to.
2) If this death is your 3rd are more recorded resurrection Plot will have you draw a bead from a bag.
3) If you drew a white bead Plot will write on your card “Resurrection”.
4) After drawing a bead proceed to the Earth Circle and wait for someone to start your resurrection.
5) After the 10 minute resurrection you will either (a) appear naked in the Earth Circle if you drew a white bead, or (b) you will return to where you “died” and play the part of your permanently dead body “reforming” if you drew a black bead.
6) Plot will record that you have suffered a death and the success/failure of your resurrection which will be communicated to Logistics at the end of the event. Back to Top

I just cast a ritual. where do i put the spent scrolls and reagents? when do i get the tag?

A: The Ritual Marshal will tear off a piece of paper from the Ritual Scroll to act as the Temporary Magic Item tag. If the Ritual was cast on your Spirit the Ritual Marshal may use your Character Card to write the Temporary Magic Item tag. The Ritual Marshal will then collect the Ritual Scrolls and Reagents and place them in a designated area in Monster Camp for Logistics to record later. The Ritual Marshal will also write on the back of one of the scrolls a duplicate of the temporary Magic Item tag for Logistics to process after the event.

Please make sure to email logistics about your new magic item tag so it will be available at the following event.

If you need a full and complete tag sooner to support an event you are traveling to the Alliance Seattle staff can work with the Logistics / Rules / Plot staff of the chapter you are attending to either have them print and sign the tag or accept the temporary Magic Item tag.


Please make sure to email logistics about your new magic item tag so it will be available at the following event. Back to Top

Do i need to turn anything in at the end of an event?

A: Nope. Not anymore. Back to Top

Why don't you guys use mysql/postgresql?

A: The Logistics Database (and subsequently the Magic Item Database and Monster Database) are National tools that are common throughout the Alliance LARP and developed by volunteers who are notSoftware Engineers by trade. It was determined that developing the database in Microsoft Access was the easiest and most cost effective strategy due to not having the appropriate experience available for anything more extravagant.